Commercial Exterior


Optimal Results, Minimal Disruption

By Choosing

Haystack Construction,

you are employing the ultimate painting company who understands the importance of making your industrial or commercial property look its finest, while at the same time assuring you, tenants, clients, and customers the least disruption.

At Haystack Construction, we understand by choosing the right commercial painting contractor this is a very key and important decision. Commercial projects present a unique set of circumstances and challenges at the same time for many reasons, such as the fact that execution of the project often must be able to be flexible and work around the schedule of the businesses.

Factors such as business hours and business needs of the tenants must be taken into consideration, especially when dealing with multiple tenants at a location. Therefore, one of the key components in delivering a high quality result is coordinating all parties involved to minimize the disruption to their everyday lives. Whether the job needs to be done at night, or it must be done on the weekends, our diverse crews will keep the projects on target and assure precise delivery.

Haystack Construction will do whatever is necessary to deliver the ultimate satisfaction to our clients. We have endless experience in handling all painting projects and will handle them from start to finish in the utmost professional manner.

So if you are simply trying to give your exterior a new protective layer from the elements, contact us. Not only will you have an enjoyable experience with us, we will perfect our results. We will handle all the preparation work and final clean up–leaving your property in top condition.