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In the average commercial building, a roof is one of the largest single depreciating elements.

At least once or twice in the life of the building a commercial roof is expected to require replacement, unless of course it has been prematurely damaged by severe weather.

There are two deciding factors to how a commercial roof performs over time. One, how well the maintenance was followed, and two, if the roof was installed properly from the start.

Your commercial roof is a silent partner if it has been professional installed and maintained appropriately.

Only after the considerable damage has been done – by ignoring important ongoing maintenance and upkeep or severe weather – commercial roofing problems become apparent.

Haystack Construction

Roof Maintenance Program

Thinking long term is the key to saving money through Haystack Construction’s commercial roof maintenance program. It only makes sense to have an intensive commercial roof maintenance program or roof restoration service in place to mitigate problems that can perpetuate and increase costs over time. A commercial roof maintenance program can help identify problems at their early stages before they become a devastating event. Haystack Construction’s commitment to maintenance and service means a longer lasting investment for you and your company.

Commercial Roof Repair and Restoration

Extensive commercial roof repairs are designed to further the life expectancy of your roof. We have highly trained commercial roof technicians who are well educated in all low slope and steep slope roofing needs. Once they have completed a roof inspection, they are well-versed and prepared to repair all low-slope and steep slope roofs. With unpredictable Colorado weather, it is possible commercial roof repair may be necessary to repair existing roofing or where modifications have been made due to previous severe weather damage and ignored maintenance. These commercial roof repairs could also be needed for new additions, like new HVAC units, plumbing pipes, skylights, satellite dishes, masonry work, solar panels, decking overlays, antennas, surveillance cameras, etc.

Simply put, by taking care of the entire commercial roof system before it eventually wears out is the process of commercial roof restoration. 

At Haystack Construction, we specialize in commercial roof restoration, which includes the major roof repair or resurfacing of the current commercial roof system.

Haystack Construction commercial roof restoration service can help you save thousands of dollars in premature roof replacements and expensive structural damage. Additionally, as much as 10 years can be added to the life of your commercial roof through restoration.

Commercial ReRoof

Upon request we can install a commercial re-roofing system if the roof is beyond restoration or repair. This is done by a complete removal and replacement or an overlay of the existing roof. Your building’s commercial roof also adds protection against the unpredictable Colorado weather. The commercial roof is not only the most vulnerable part of the structure, but its integrity is essential, as it ensures the contents of the commercial building. When it is time to re-roof, Haystack Construction provides you with the best options for your facility and budget.

Haystack Construction provides multiple commercial roof system options. What is great for one customer may not work for another, and we like our customers to be involved in the decision making process. That being said, scheduling a free consultation where we can walk through the issues of your roof together is always the best way to help you achieve your commercial roofing goals.

Commercial Flat Roof Repair Services

Our highly trained crews have also been thoroughly educated to appropriately analyze cracked and leaking flat rooftops. They know precisely what to search for and how to search for them quickly and efficiently. Our rooftop inspection is an extremely intensive assessment and to find a leak is not as simple as just looking beneath a drip above your head. Commercial structures are significantly more detailed and hard to treat than a private home so it is imperative to contact individuals who have the expertise and are authorized to work with commercial rooftops.

Flat Roof Installation & Replacement

The primary line of defense against weather elements is the top of the building and, unfortunately, not a small expense. That is the reason our group of roofers have been thoroughly educated to guarantee that each time we install a flat business rooftop we do it correctly the first time.

A flat rooftop is intended to give you extra protection and can be made up of various diverse materials and brand names. We generally keep our material supply and building materials well stocked with the most exceptional and up-and-coming brands that are structured by the most trustworthy and highly regarded material supply bunches in the nation.

Protect​ ​your​ ​investment by investing in Haystack Construction.​ We can extend the life of your commercial flat roof by identifying the obvious and hidden dangers that threaten your roofing system’s performance.