Mitigation and


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Haystack Construction provides services for commercial properties and has expertise in water mitigation, mold remediation, and fire restoration, and is able to respond immediately when such emergencies occur.

Water Mitigation

Water Mitigation is the process of reducing the amount of water damage caused by floods and other various water related causes. Since disasters can occur at any time, and their consequences are unpredictable, we have on-call, trained technicians standing by, as well as top-of-the-line equipment ready for your emergency.

For the best results, prior to our arrival, make sure the water main is shut off as well as the electricity.

Mold Remediation

Mold is something that unfortunately is one of those things that occurs with total unpredictability. Planning for mold around areas that can be predictably damp or wet, can help minimize mold growth, but is never something that can be 100% avoidable. Mold Remediation focuses on reverting mold levels back to normal and natural levels. Mold can grow on damp or wet surfaces such as drywall, carpet, and wood. This growth can begin as early as 48 hours after damage. Porous building materials elevate the levels of mold in the air and this must be handled by professionals to remove indoor mold growth.

Fire Restoration

Fire Restoration is a multiphase process because it often involves water extraction, mitigation, and smoke damage cleanup. As with any other emergency situation, response time is key.

We focus on restoring businesses that have been recently damaged by fire or smoke. You can rest easy knowing that we’ve mitigated some of the worst emergencies and will work hard to restore your property and its contents back to the original state. Our trained professionals will walk you through the entire process during our initial consultation.

We’re fully licensed, certified, and insured to take on any size project. With quality work and excellent customer service, you can trust us with your most prized possessions.