Re-Imaging  &


Specializing In Gas Stations and Hotels

Rebranding your Gas Station or Hotel can inject new life into a flat revenues or a declining business.

Re-branding can re-develop your business image and change your customers’ view of it in many ways, particularly when focused on better targeting your audience.

In today’s society, consumers live life through experiences. It’s the way a customer “feels” that determines whether they are a repeat customer leaving positive online reviews, or if they never return and leave disastrous online reviews that negatively influence future customers. Consumers are looking for extraordinary in-store or in-hotel experiences. Branding that makes them feel they are about to experience something amazing.

With Re-imaging and Re-Branding, we work by positively changing the standing and reputation of your business through specific concepts and improvements.

We are a full service re-imagine and re-branding company with an uncanny ability to get into the minds of your customers and help them see the positive sides of your business. We can do as little or as much as you need.

Performing an effective company re-branding or re-imaging campaign has become a complex art form.

At Haystack Construction, we’ve mastered this art. With our specialization in Gas Stations and Hotels, Haystack Construction can meet all of your re-imaging and re-branding needs.

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